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Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement

Petro-Energy E&P Co., Ltd (PE), an operating company involved in the exploration, development, production, and transportation of oil and gas in block 06 concession area in Sudan, is aware that its success depends on the ability to continually improve the efficiency of its operations and productivity while protecting people and the environment; therefore PE represented in its president is committed to ensuring people health, operational safety, and environmental protection.

PE requires all employees and contractors to demonstrate unwavering commitment and accountability towards HSE.

PE line management will demonstrate leadership in communicating, implementing, and ensuring compliance with HSE policies, internal procedures, and adopted standards.

PE, represented in its management committee and all employees, is committed to:

         Complying with The Republic of Sudan¨s legislations and other legal requirements;

         Incorporate oil industry best practices to control Occupational Health &Safety  risks as well as environmental impacts raising from its operations, activities, and in the design, engineering, and construction phases of all facilities;

         Protect, and strive to improve the health, and the safety of people at any time;

         Protect the environment and strive to reduce the impacts on the environment from PE operations and activities through pollution prevention programs, optimum consumption of natural resource, and the effective management of wastes;

         Strive to prevent accidents, ill health, and environmental pollution.

         Set HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve through the use of an effective management system.

         Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency.

         Openly communicate with stakeholders and ensure an understanding of our HSE policies, standards, programs and performance.

         Promote positive HSE culture among PE employees and contractors.

The scope of this policy statement shall be PE oil and gas exploration and production operations and activities in block 6 concession area, downstream facilities, and its Khartoum head office.

Chen Huanlong  

President of Petro-Energy E&P Co., Ltd



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