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Petro Energy is working in collaboration and full coordination with Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) to offer some basic community development programs in Block-6 to include the following:
Provide drinking water for the community.
Provide some medical services and the establishment of medical facilities.
Establishment and maintenance of schools and provision of associated furniture.
Social programs.
Community Development Programs for the Year 2005 Petro Energy is executing community development programs for the following:

A. Health Care
    1. Medical care is provided for about 4155 locals in Baleela Clinic.
    2. Medical care has been provided in locals gathering areas.
    3.Yellow fever vaccination is provided for 7636 locals.
    4.Ambulance service is provide for locals in Baleela area to Fula hospital.

B. Drinking Water
   Three water wells are in the drilling progress, they are:
       1. Um Galodah water well.
       2. The New Market area water well.
       3. Al Barsaiah village water well.

 Water tanks are providing water to Baleela locals in Kelo 1, Baleela market, Baleela Kelo 8, and AL Fados market.

C. Education Services
    1. 1280 desks has been provided with a capacity of 4 students per desk  
        along with seats for a total number of 4620 eoples for primary schools.
    2. Work is going on to maintain and establish some projects at Baleela and
        Sinaita primary schools.

D. Social Services
    1. Four Ramadan Breakfasts were provided for villages surrounding Baleela
    2. Ramadan Breakfast was provided to the Deputy Governor for South
        Kurdufan province and other local leaders in the field.
    3. Gifts have been presented to local leaders.

Community Development Programs for the Year 2006.

Petro Energy will execute the following community development programs:
A. Health Care
    1. Medical care will be provided to locals through establishing Baleela clinic.
    2.To construct medical clinic in the proposed Model Village.
    3.Continue vaccination campaigns in the field.

B. Drinking Water
     Petro Energy will drill the following wells:
       1. Um Bitikh water well.
       2. The Circular Road water well.

 Petro Energy will maintain wells in the following locations:
       1. Al Barsaiah village.
       2. Al Tabareeb village.
       3. Al Kou village.
       4. Targi Alla village.
       5. Um Sangorah village.
       6. Um Al Bashar village.

C. Education Services
   1. Constructing a primary school in the Model Village.
   2.Providing school furniture for fifteen primary / secondary schools.
   3.Maintain six primary / secondary schools.
   4.Provide school uniform.

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